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Home » Lessons I Learned » Windshield Washer Fluid is a Necessity not a Luxury for Montrealers

As a new Quebec resident (or Montrealer) who lives anywhere in the Province you probably need to take care of the following when you first drive your vehicle in the Winter.

Winter in Montreal is serious, but with the right preparation it could be fun

1- Change your Tires and use Winter tires. I prefer the ones with the studs for better traction.

2- Fill your Windshield fluid tank with the anti freeze Windshield Washer fluid and always carry at least one spare jug with you.

Frozen Windshield

There are many types of the anti-freeze fluid depends on its resistance to very low temperature. the red One can maintain its liquid form till down to minus 55 degrees Celsius.  Prices range from 2$ to 5$ depends on the type and quantity.

You can buy them from Walmart, CanadianTire, Costco, or any gas station or grocery store around you

Happy Winter

windshield washer fluid Montreal Quebec Winter