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Help Hydro Quebec Reduce Electricity Consumption

Hydro-Québec announced today that they may call upon its customers to reduce their electricity consumption for short periods during colds snaps, in periods of exceptional peak demand. If you agree to receive a text message, you’ll be informed of the situation quickly and make small changes that count....
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What do you need to know about TFSA?

A TFSA, is an account you can open at any Canadian bank. The interest of this account are all yours. i.e. You do not pay taxes on them like other interests of other saving accounts, investments, or mutual funds. But a TFSA has some restrictions you need to...
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Tips to Reduce your Car Insurance Premium

Here are some tips that will help you reduce your insurance premium: 1. Pay only for the coverage you need Customize your coverage by selecting the Customize tab on this quote page. You can remove options that you don’t need, reduce your Civil liability amount and see how it affects...
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How much can You Pay for a Car in Montreal?

Estimate the cost of the vehicle you can afford based on how much you are able to pay monthly, the current interest rate, loan term and any down payment, trade-in or rebate amounts. Here is a calculator that you can use, and it will tell you how much can you...
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Find Gas Prices in Montreal Everyday!

A  list of some websites I found that are interested in giving Montreal car drivers the daily changing gas prices:   1- Montreal Gas Prices       2- Essence Montreal 3- Gas Buddy       4- Tomorrow Gas Price Today     5- Gas Prices Forecast
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Make Cheap International Calls from Montreal (Quebec)

To Make Cheap international Calls from Canada (Montreal-Quebec) to anywhere in the world you have many options I have tried most of them already, and found that the best of them is a company called Rebtel. Although not the cheapest, I consider it the best because of many reasons:...
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