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Your Complete Job Search Guide in Quebec

Your Complete Job Search Guide (See PDF below) walks you through all the steps that lead to getting a job by providing tips, examples, and practical tools. The key to success is putting time and effort into your search, and, above all, being well prepared. The guide provide things...
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Changing Address? Tell The Government!

If you are moving or thinking of moving it is important to ensure that you change your address with the proper authorities. You should notify the federal and your provincial or territorial government to ensure that your benefit payments continue to arrive on time. The Federal Government as...
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Net Income Calculator for Canadians in Quebec 2013

This is an interesting online calculator I found on PayCheckCity Website . You insert your annual gross income, select your province, add any contributions (RRSP), and click calculate. It will give you your net amount per month, or week, or bi-week, or semi-month according to your company’s system after...
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All Québec Newspapers Websites (English/French)

I posted an article before about Local magazines and newspapers circulated in Montreal. And Here is another list of all Quebec Newspapers: All Québec Newspapers Websites in English or French Actualités d’Asbestos Atlas.Mtl (Montréal) Avant-Poste Beauce Média Beauport Express Bulgarian Forum (For the Bulgarian community) Businest CanIndia News (Toronto , Montréall &...
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Winter Tips for Montreal Residents

I guess by now you already know that Montreal is one of the coldest cities is the world. Temperature could reach -40 Celsius or maybe lower. So here are some lifesaver tips you NEED to know as a new resident of Montreal (Quebec). Check the Weather Everyday and see...
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What did the Canadian Give the World?

I bet you don’t know that all these stuff were born Canadian: Telephones, walkie-talkies, peanut butter, zippers, Trivial Pursuit, ice hockey, basketball, IMAX, insulin, garbage bags, Ceasar cocktails, Wonderbras, Canadian bacon, Maple Syrup, and Tim Hortons
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